Aequilibrium Employee Spotlight Series

Part 1: Meet Abolfazl Tanha

Hello World!

We had a chat with some of our passionate, tenacious, and innovative team members and we are eager to share these valuable conversations!

Stay tuned because we will share some great stuff and great people every week!

Let’s get to it, shall we?

Abolfazl Tanha (aka Fazl) | Senior XR Developer

“At Aequilibrium I have everything I need! It’s a big family!”

Fazl, his VR headset and green screen in the middle of his apartment!

First things first, why did you want to work at Aequilibrium?

As a Senior XR Developer, what’s your typical day like?

Fazl and his new friend on the first day of a VR project for the Turkish Basketball Federation

What’s the most rewarding part about working here?

How is your current job different from previous jobs you’ve had?

Fazl in his home taking an online course in GPS in Augmented Reality

How would you describe us?

You can also read this article on our AEQ blog.

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Aequilibrium is a digital consultancy focused on product design, development, and systems integration services in Vancouver, BC.

Since 2012, we have helped companies create award-winning digital experiences to help them grow and compete effectively while minimizing risks associated with digital transformation.

We apply expertise in retail, financial services, and health sciences. Using design thinking, platform, and data-driven strategies with an Agile approach we design, build, and run scalable end-to-end solutions for clients across North America.

We build digital experiences.

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