Part 10: Meet Valterfi Oliveira

Sadly, we’ve arrived at the last of our Employee Spotlight series.

It has been 10 amazing weeks of sharing great conversations with our team members. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

But this is not the end — we’ll still keep you informed regularly about everything Aequilibrium.

Valterfi Oliveira | Back End Developer

Meet Valterfi — one of our Brazilian developers who joined us not from Brazil, but from Burnaby, BC! He’s also from the same hometown as Gabriel, our Front End Developer who you met in Part 3. …

Part 9: Meet Ranjith Kumar

Welcome to week 9! We’re one post away from our final Employee Spotlight, but it’s not the end yet!

Last week you met Pole, and on week 5 you met Vidhya, who are both parts of the QA Team. This week you’ll meet our QA Team Lead, Ranjith, who shares a more in-depth conversation about his role and experiences.

He also gives valuable advice to anyone starting out in the industry!

Ranjith Kumar | QA Team Lead & QA Automation Engineer

“Aequilibrium is definitely different from any company I’ve worked for — there’s a very friendly environment.”

Part 8: Meet Juan Spoleti

Hello again!

We’re excited to share another of Aequilibrium’s Employee Spotlight conversations. Our series is almost over, but stay tuned because we still have more to come!

Let’s get to it!

Juan Spoleti (aka Pole) | QA Automation Tester

Pole is another team member who works overseas — and again, we’re hoping he’ll venture over to Canada in the future. He works all the way from his home in Argentina, so he gets to speak both Spanish and English in his role!

“Aequilibrium is a company that cares about the employee and tries to fulfill the employee’s needs.”

Part 7: Meet Tom Cho

We’ve reached week 7 of our Employee Spotlight. Glad you’re here!

It’s been incredibly rewarding to share the conversations we had with some of our team members. We hope you’re enjoying them as much as we are!

One of the great things about Aequilibrium is the chance to work on different technologies and develop skills. Today’s chat is with someone who joined the company a few weeks ago and is already experiencing our learning culture.

Tom Cho (aka Tom Cat) | Front End Developer

Meet Tom! He joined the Front End Team from Toronto and he’s excited to move to Vancouver sometime soon. …

Part 6: Meet Ke Huan Wang

Welcome to Part 6 of our Employee Spotlight.

Another week, another story!

One of the things a lot of people wonder is if the pictures on Aequilibrium’s website are from real people. And the answer is: yes! — it’s not too good to be true.

Today you’ll meet the face of our careers page!

Ke Huan Wang (aka K1)| Tech Lead & Solutions Architect

Ke Huan is one of the most senior employees we have — if not the most senior. …

Part 5: Meet Vidhya Reddy

Week 5. Part 5.

Thanks for joining our 5th “weekly digest” to learn more about the life of our team members at Aequilibrium!

This week you’ll meet one of our QA Engineers, who makes sure everything is in perfect order before an application is ready to be used by you and me!

Vidhya Reddy | QA Automation Engineer

Vidhya joined Aequilibrium in February. Some of her favourite things about working here are having the chance to work on a project from scratch and using different technologies!

“I’d describe Aequilibrium as a good place to grow. …

Part 4: Meet Gavin Keusch

Welcome to Part 4 of our AEQ Employee Spotlight Series!

Today you’ll get to know another Team Lead who was one of Aequilibrium’s first remote employees!

Gavin Keusch| Front End Team Lead & Sr Software Engineer

Gavin joined the company about 3 years ago and ended up leaving to become an independent contractor. But he later rejoined the family — because no one can resist us. Gavin also has some interesting and valuable advice for all of you starting your careers in the industry!

“Our success is a reflection of the team’s strong relationship.”

Part 3: Meet Gabriel Carvalho

Thanks for tuning in! We are back with another Employee Spotlight of the week. We hope you’re enjoying this weekly read and getting to know our team members a bit more.

Check out the previous article of this series here.

Gabriel Carvalho (aka Gabs) | Front End Developer

Today, we’ll introduce you to Gabriel, who recently joined the company from Fortaleza, Brazil! Being from such a sunny, beachy town, he sure loves working from home. But we’re hoping to bring him to Canada soon — we have sun and beaches here too, ya know.

Gabriel has been working with us since January and…

Part 2: Meet Chris Allinson

Welcome to Part 2 of our Employee Spotlight Series!

We hope you enjoyed getting to know Abolfazl last week, and we’re excited to share more! Today, we want to share a more in-depth conversation we had with one of our Team Leads.

Chris Allinson | Mobile Team Lead & iOS Developer

Meet Allinson, our Mobile Team Lead. Chris has been with aequilibrium since 2019 and is making a lot of people’s lives easier when using certain mobile banking apps :)

Part 1: Meet Abolfazl Tanha

What’s it like to work at Aequilibrium, you ask? Well, we heard you and invited our own people to answer your question.

We had a chat with some of our passionate, tenacious, and innovative team members and we are eager to share these valuable conversations!

Stay tuned because we will share some great stuff and great people every week!

Let’s get to it, shall we?

Abolfazl Tanha (aka Fazl) | Senior XR Developer

Today, you’ll meet Abolfazl, our Senior XR Developer. He recently joined the company all the way from Istanbul, Turkey! …


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